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you only got one chance to live, make sure your life's a mess
Jason Fernandez, 16, Bedan, PSHS-MC 2014, J7-Ch4-Li4-Mu9.
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When I’m home, I’m known as the hothead. Apparently, every time I talk, fire comes out of my mouth because every conversation becomes heated. I’ve grown accustomed to believing I am the monster my family says I am.

So lately, I’ve been mean to my classmates. I’d easily get pissed off at miniscule things like lining up, eating or picture taking. I’ve never shouted at a certain group of people multiple times like that, ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love Muon.

And that’s why I guess I easily get mad. Because I see Muon not only as a class, but I see Muon as my family.

So to everyone I’ve ever screamed at in class, please do know that I love you very much (as family of course). I love everyone in Muon, including Miguel. I love all of you equally and unconditionally.

The schoolyear may be over, but definitely our bond will last forever. I’m proud to be a part of this family.

TTYL, Jason

— 3 weeks ago